About us

We have more than 15 years experience in information technology with medium-sized international companies including the management of computer networks and end-user support. We can help each client individually according to his needs whether it is a small business or multinational corporation subsidiary.We also provide turnkey.

Our work

Outsourcing - external management (network management, workstation management, server management, hardware and software service, user support)

Network administration

  • Security of computer networks
  • Create and manage virtual private networks
  • Monitoring data flows in networks
  • Configuration and management of active network components
  • Consultation, design and optimization of network services
  • Continuous monitoring of network error conditions

Workstations Maintenance

  • Operating system management
  • Management and sharing peripherals
  • Application software management

Consultancy Services

  • Analysis of client needs
  • Network infrastructure design
  • Optimization of IT solutions